Is that your web—that tangled mess which more resembles a crabapple-sized...

Tiny jumping spider (through macro lens) seizing the day!


Is that a web?
That is definitely a spider.

Is that a spider?
Yes! Yes it is—
with that diminutive hourglass body
small as a grain of wild rice,
and near-invisible, gangly legs
fine as a human hair,
barely detectable in the gloam of morning!

Good morning Spider!
Is that your web—
that tangled mess which more resembles
a crabapple-sized tumbleweed,
and is far from the work of a master weaver?
Have you, perhaps, found yourself a
"fixer-upper," Spider?

Ah! Now I see it!
A web of sorts—
as you set up residence in a cluster
of random cat hairs congregating
lazily in the kitchen, swaying ever
so slightly in the cool morning draft
while you await breakfast.

Good hunting, Spider.
May your bounty be plentiful.